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Kilimėlis aerobikai inSPORTline Eva 173x60x0,4 cm  | PowerSport.lt

Exercise Mat inSPORTline EVA 173 x 60 cm

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Exercise Mat inSPORTline EVA is a simple, yet very effective accessory suitable not only for aerobics and yoga, but for other kinds of exercises as well. The EVA mat combines several important attributes that make it a sought-after accessory for comfortable training.

Technical description:

  • Soft anti-slip surface resistant to sweat and moisture
  • Perfectly absorbs impacts and muffles noises
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Material: 100% polyethylene
  • Dimensions: 173 x 60 x 0.4 cm
  • Weight: 340 g
  • Suitable for gyms and fitness centres
  • Made of materials safe for human health

Подробнее о товаре

Weight (g)
340 g
EVA foam
173 cm
60 cm
Bright Blue
0.40 cm
Straps for storage

About inSPORTline


inSPORTline is the biggest Czech supplier of fitness equipment, fitness trainers and exercise accessories. Our range of products includes mainly electrical and manual trainers, multi-gyms and smaller workout equipment for users of all ages, available for home, amateur and professional (commercial) use.

We also offer massage and relaxation chairs, massage tables and assorted accessories. You can choose from various massage chair models with differing functions and programs, massage tables and all available accessories, both for home use or professional massage parlour.

inSPORTline provides products and sets of products for strength and endurance training, losing weight, improving your fitness, exercising using your own weight, workout and other forms of exercise. There are also a lot of yoga and Pilates products for stretching your muscles and subsequent regeneration.

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