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Full-Face Mask Aqua Speed Spectra 2.0 Kid, Size L

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SPECTRA 2.0 KID  has been designed to allow youngest users to admire the underwater world from the surface or from small depths. Its construction makes it ideal for those who consider conventional mask & snorkel set too uncomfortable or problematic to use. Available in two sizes, SPECTRA 2.0 KID features a soft skirt and an elastic adjustable strap making it very easy to put on, take off and fit to most kids face sizes and shapes. SPECTRA 2.0 KID also features a snorkel equipped with an Ultra-Dry top and an extremely efficient air circulation solution which not only makes breathing easy but also prevents fog from gathering inside the mask, guaranteeing clear vision. The young user of SPECTRA 2.0 KID is able to enjoy unparalleled views of the underwater world. Another great feature of this mask is an Easy-Fold snorkel mounting system, which allows the snorkel to be collapsed into the mask, this makes storing and transporting very easy. Key features and benefits of the mask SPECTRA 2.0 KID: Ultra-Dry system - A special float enclosed in a durable casing is responsible for preventing any water from getting into the snorkel. When the casing is submerged, the float moves towards the airhole and closes it, so that water access is blocked. Easy fold clasp - The easy-to-use clasp system is designed to let you easily collapse the snorkel for more convenient transport and storage. Universal camera mount - Located in the uppermost section of the mask frame, this universal mount allows you to attach an action camera, which will capture the most beautiful underwater moments. (Camera nor waterproof casing not included). Silicone skirt – The skirt on the SPECTRA 2.0 KID mask has been made using the highest-quality antiallergic silicone. Its shape and material properties allow it to fit many face sizes and shapes. Unique air discharge system - SPECTRA 2.0 KID full-face mask features two exhaust valves located on the sides of the frame. Thanks to this solution, the entire width of the snorkel located on the top of the mask can be used to suck in fresh air. This greatly improves breathing comfort. Adjustable strap – Elastic adjustable strap allows to easily fit the mask to your face and makes putting the mask on and taking it off easy and comfortable. Bottom purge valve - This valve serves a double purpose. Its secondary use is to aid in removing used air from the mask. Its primary use is to drain water from the mask in the event it found its way inside. You only need to lift your head above the water or exhale energetically and the unwanted water will be removed. Internal air circulation valve - This valve is an element of a system regulating airflow inside the mask, which prevents fog from gathering on the visor. Durable visor – Visor of the mask SPECTRA 2.0 KID has been manufactured using a highest-quality durable polycarbonate. Wide field of vision – Thanks to its construction, SPECTRA 2.0 mask offers excellent viewing angles and an unobstructed field of vision in all directions. WARNING! SPECTRA 2.0 KID full-face mask is intended to be used for snorkelling on or very near the surface of the water. When descending to larger depths, it is necessary to equalise the pressure in the ears, which is impossible in a full-face mask due to the lack of access to the nose.

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Diving mask for kids


Компания SPORTEX была основана в Лодзи в 1991 году. С самого начала она полностью финансировалась частным капиталом. Компания SPORTEX специализируется на оптовой и розничной продаже оборудования для плавания и подводного плавания под собственными брендами AQUASPEED и AQUATIC.

Компания предлагает (среди прочей продукции): разнообразные силиконовые шапочки, очки для плавания, обувь для бассейна и пляжную обувь, купальники для женщин, мужчин и детей, мелкие аксессуары для плавания, маски для подводного плавания, трубки и ласты. Благодаря своему опыту в данном сегменте рынка SPORTEX быстро завоевал доверие среди широкой группы клиентов, как в Польше, так и за рубежом, которые формируют расширяющуюся сеть продаж.




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