Biotech Liquid BCAA 1000 ml

Biotech Liquid BCAA 1000 ml

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Biotech Liquid BCAA 1000 ml - Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are the most important group of amino because they:

Maintaining a positive nitrogen balance

Sparing muscle tissue through anticatabolic effects during dieting

Supplying muscular energy during training sessions

acids, coupled with increased physical demands on the body, can lead to a cannibalization of muscle tissue to respond to the body’s need for nitrogen. The functions of BCAA among others are assisting in transporting dietary fat into the cells for energy; stimulating the pituitary to secrete growth hormone, which is involved in developing lean muscle tissue as well as mobilizing fatty acids from the adipose tissue (i.e., dropping body-fat); supplying the body with nitrogen.

Supplement Facts

of 100 ml


578 kJ/136 kcal


6,0 g


28,0 g


0,0 g


4000 mg


1000 mg


1000 mg

Pyridoxine (vitamin B6)

10 mg


Packaging: 1000 ml

Flavors: Lemon

Directions for use: 30 ml of BioTech Liquid BCAA with water or fruit juice. Consume one serving in the morning, one before and one after your training.

Ingredients: Water,Invert sugar syrup, Citric acid, L-Leucine, LIsoleucine, L-Valine, Pyridoxin HCl, Potassium Sorbate, Aroma, Colouring agents: E110.

Produkta detaļas

About BioTech USA



BioTechUSA has been on the market since 1999 offering high quality food supplements, among them a wide range of protein powders, pre-workout formulas, products related to stamina building, dietary products and over 40 vitamin products with a high content of active ingredients. Our company now has a product variation consisting of over 600 products that we are continuously improving through development and innovation based on consumer feedback. We make sure that our product portfolio includes gluten- and lactose-free products, and we offer an alternative for vegans as well. The flagship of our protein product range, Iso Whey Zero, is produced and distributed by BioTechUSA.

Our over 500 employees and 130 franchise stores – in France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary – and a distribution network that covers about 70 countries make BioTechUSA one of the largest and most dynamically growing dietary supplement manufacturers for sports purpose.

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