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AirTrack Factory has developed a range of safe home training equipment to enable you to take your training home. Create your own setups using our mats and practice your skills anytime you want.

Our home equipment is made of the same high quality materials as the tracks that pro athletes use. Assure yourself of a safe training environment by using an AirBeam, AirFloor or Training Set - Home Edition.

Level up and have fun!


The very first AirTracks were designed for- and by gymnasts. Nowadays, gyms are replacing conventional gymnastic equipment, like the vault box, foam mats and springboards with AirEquipment.

Training is safer, more fun and more effective on AirTracks than on conventional equipment. Gymnasts of all skill levels will have a blast!

Discover all equipment in this catalog and fi nd out what you can add to your gym.


The AirTrick is the first surface specially designed for tricking and freerunning. With its big and bouncy surface it is ideal for practicing beginner and advanced moves.

The AirBox and AirStep are ideal for parkour and freerunning. Separate parts can be used individually or stacked together to be used as an vault box. The high bounce and soft characteristics lower your fear level and big tricks are guaranteed!


Do you prefer a thin, stable and safe surface for martial arts or do you like to catch some big air? AirTrack Factory offers equipment every (extreme) martial artist will love!

Our 10 cm thick AirFloor is ideal for practicing stability, agility, strength, endurance and speed. Connect multiple AirFloors to create an entire light-weight and portable fl oor for training and demos.

Like to go big? Try our famous 30 cm thick AirTrick! The AirTrick is famous for the incredible height it gives you. It is ideal for practicing big moves and you will see yourself doubling up in no time!


AirTracks are ideal for cheerleading; soft on the body, bouncy like a spring floor and stable enough for pyramids!

Improve your tumbling skills on the AirTrack P2 or P3, or choose an AirFloor for all-round cheer exercises. They are all very small in storage and extremely fast in setup.

Add 35 mm carpet bonded foam to an AirFloor to create a portable spring floor alternative. Combine multiple AirFloors using our seamless connection method to create a complete competition floor. A competition floor is set up within 45 minutes. Get in touch with us for more info!


Trampoline parks are popping up all over the world. For park owners it’s a challenge to find equipment that is innovative, fun, safe, durable, but also cost efficient. With hardly any maintenance costs, customized AirTricks are the new trend for trampoline parks!

AirTricks are not a substitute for trampolines, but they offer a broad range of new possibilities to your park. They are bouncy for jumping and soft for landing, but also stable enough for running and playing. You can add your own line markings to create a soccer-, volleyball- or basketball field.


Research shows that gymnastics is the ideal sport to improve body coordination. Teachers struggle to teach these techniques due to the high fear barrier that comes with conventional sports equipment.

These conventional products are often made of hard materials such as wood and metal. Enhance physical education by enabling kids to train in a safe and fun environment.

AirEquipment helps kids with it’s softer landings and higher bounce. This makes sports not only easy on the body but also a lot more fun!


AirTracks are perfect for all performances that include acrobatics! The bounciness of the AirTracks, combined with the fl at surface, soft landings, noiseless use and small storage, make them very popular for shows. Groups like Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Brothers and Circus Flic-Flac have used custom AirTracks with great succes!

AirTracks and AirTricks are customizable in shape and size. Connect multiple tracks for different set-ups and possibilities.

Your audience will love it!



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