Trampolines with net  | InSPORTline Top Jump 457 cm Trampoline Set  |
Trampolines with net  | InSPORTline Top Jump 457 cm Trampoline Set  |
Trampolines with net  | InSPORTline Top Jump 457 cm Trampoline Set  |
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Trampolines with net  | InSPORTline Top Jump 457 cm Trampoline Set  |
Trampolines with net  | InSPORTline Top Jump 457 cm Trampoline Set  |
Trampolines with net  | InSPORTline Top Jump 457 cm Trampoline Set  |

InSPORTline Top Jump 457 cm Trampoline Set

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InSPORTline Top Jump 457 cm Trampoline Set with high jumps, stable construction, protection net, ladder for easy entry.

Trampoline inSPORTline 457 cm and other inSPORTline trampolines are developed in according to strictest safety standards. The construction and jumping mat are made of pre-tested high-quality materials, making inSPORTline trampolines top class products in this category. The smart design of the construction which contains many safety features and super bouncy and highly durable jumping mat ensures comfortable use. To provide maximum safety and performance the trampoline is certified in accordance with strict EN-71 safety norms of German TÜV NORD and ASTM International testing laboratories

With corrosion-resistant galvanized springs with Super-High technology, highly durable Heavy-Duty frame and super-bouncy jumping mat developed in USA the Trampoline inSPORTline 457 cm can be ranked among the best and top-quality products, suitable both for outdoor and indoor use. This set also includes a protective net, including a construction that provides protection of the action area and a ladder for easy trampoline entry.

Trampolines of inSPORTline brand sold all over the world provide maximum safety and quality. After many years of experience with selling trampolines we produce the highest-quality materials resistant to extreme conditions, offering our customers the best performance. The InSPORTline Top Jump 457 cm construction has 5 upright double legs and a photo with four legs is only illustrative. Everything else corresponds to the illustration.

Our tip: 

  • If you don’t know how to pick a trampoline, check out our guide.

Technical description:

  • Hi-Ten galvanized frame with maximum protection against corrosion
  • 5 wide standing double-legs for improved stability
  • Reinforced highly durable trampoline pad
  • 100 galvanized highly durable springs
  • Trampoline height: 89 cm
  • Trampoline diameter: 457 cm
  • Weight capacity: 100 kg according to EN 71, 160 kg according to long-term testing
  • Spring length: 165 mm
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Ladder included

Jumping mat:

  • Super-bouncy
  • Special highly durable material developed in USA
  • UV resistant

Protection net:

  • very strong UV-resistant protective net
  • the stability and strength of the net is ensured by 10 main bars fixed to the trampoline structure
  • Zip-fastener on the entrance with safety against falling out of the jumping area.
  • easy and fast netinstallation
  • net height: 2 m
  • net diameter: 457 cm

Additional information:

  • Contact us in case of damage – all replacement parts are in stock
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Do not use as springboard
  • Photo for illustrative purposes


Weight limit
160 kg
Trampoline diameter
457 cm
Trampoline height
89 cm
Number of legs
5 (u-shaped)
Height of the safety net
200 cm
Safety net

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