Hammer POLANIK PM-7  | PowerSport.lt
Hammer POLANIK PM-7  | PowerSport.lt
Hammer POLANIK PM-7  | PowerSport.lt
Hammer POLANIK PM-7  | PowerSport.lt
Hammer POLANIK PM-7  | PowerSport.lt
Hammer POLANIK PM-7  | PowerSport.lt


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Metimo kūjis skirtas treniruotėms.


Kūjo galva pagaminta iš aukštos kokybės cinkuoto plieno pripildyta specialaus švino mišinio. Padengtas milteliniais dažais. Kūjo viela cinkuota. Tvirtos rankenos.

Puikiai tinka treniruotis, lavinti kūjo metimo technika.

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About Polanik

Polanik company was found in 1966 by Wiesław Szczepanik. At the beginning of the existence, the company manufactured household items, license plates, drawing board with accessories, etc.

In 1997 another group of products  started to be manufactured -  high jumps stands. Nowadays we produce 4 models: two school, universal for clubs and competition  with telescopic construction , certificated by IAAF. All stands are made of aluminum profiles  designed in Polanik company and are  patented by the Patent Office. The telescopic construction and special mechanism of competition stands allows for comfortable  operating. This equipment is considered as one of the best on the world.

Not many polish companies can boast about period of almost fifty years of continuous, business development. During that time, the small workshop  has gradually turned into modern undertaking. All our investming activities result from a belief that continous developmnet of the company guarantees its stability. Dariusz Szczepanik says: "In my opinion, the company which designates, as a rule,  a significant part of its income, irrespectively to the amount,  for investments has better chances tosurvive in unfovourable conditions and to developeffectively in goodeconomic situation." That rule has been working well at our company for years.

Today we have new hall of 5000 square metres, over 130 employees works on the assortment of over 1000 products, which goes to tens markets around the world.
We have also ntroduced to our offer professional sports appareal and footwear, we take special care of every product from our range.

We can offer all the equipment for athletics: hurdles, pole stands, start modules. We work with the best track and field equipment manufacturer POLANIK.

This company for more than 50 years makes equipment for athletics. They are known for javelins, discs and hurdles. But now they make apparel, lines and stands, also they install their equipment. 1991 was the year when Polanik became official IAAF (International athletics federation) javelin brand.

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