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Wrist Protection SPOKEY SEGRO

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Wrist protection

PROTECTIVE splint SPOKEY BASIT  is an ideal sport for those who want to avoid unnecessary body aches, especially arthritis. Also, is suitable for rehabilitation after injuries, because this item makes the bloodstream intensify so it automatically accelerates the healing

Spokey introduces themselves:

Who are we? The team comprising many individuals, freeks, people with passion….

However we look at it, our group includes all sorts of specialists, beginning from table football masters to superclass constructors

We love people with passion, that’s why our team is supported by experts – practitioners: sportsmen and travellers.
Four of them have already become the official ambassadors of the Spokey brand. Who are they?


Multiple championships medalist in weightlifting


A known traveler and blogger. Winner of the Kolosy for 2014  prize.


Master of the MMA martial arts, won the KSW 31 battle


Polish Champion Bikini Fitness, personal trainer and fitness instructor

Quality and Safety

Thanks to meeting stringent requirements, our products have certificates of both Polish and European institutions.

Our bicycle helmets were granted the accreditation of the Motor Transport Institute as the only ones in the country, confirming their impact on increasing children’s safety during riding a bike, rollers or scooter.

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