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EXTRIFIT EGG 100 1150 g

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EGG 100 is egg protein absolutelly without any fat and carbs. It originates from real BIO farms in Argentina where the poultry is bred in only natural and healthy way – without any chemical feed.

EGG 100 is egg albumine typical with high value of biological value index (BV) -100. EGG 100 is suitable as protein source and intake of this high quality protein can increase muscle mass growth and prevent from muscle catabolism in danger of that. EGG 100, dried egg white, contains highly-valued protein with optimal utilization by the human body. Protein content of this product is 82 % (90 % in dry matter). Egg albumine is one of the basic animal protein sources. Egg protein EGG 100 is slowly digestible animal protein and its use is suitable before bed-time too. Egg 100 does not contain any fat and carbs.


  • depends on physical activity, sports activity and diet
  • we recommend dividing the daily dose into two or three portions
  • use one scoop 3-4 hours before exercise and one scoop in evening hours or before bedtime
  • on non-training days one scoop in the morning and one scoop in the evening
  • mix one full scoop of EGG 100 (29 g) with 200 ml of milk or water
  • it is possible to mix it with curd cheese, yoghurt, oat flakes and so on


  • 1000 g


dried Argentinian egg white (egg albumin)

EGG 100


Extrifit® is not for everybody. It is not superficial. Extrifit® is intended for athletes who love heavy iron and for persons who want to show the maximum physical performance. It is for everybody who wants to be hard on him/herself and demands the maximum results from his own body. Extrifit® is for everybody who well knows that without hard work and self-denial you can´t get results and achieve dreamed-of goals.

Extrifit® is today a numerous community of people who proudly claim allegiance to this brand´s philosophy and who make up an amazing subculture of bodybuilders.

Extrifit® is a synonym for the talents and sports aspiration support. Extrifit® will show you the way to realization of your dream.

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