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THERMO STIM Advanced Thermogenic Formula – EXTREME FAT BURN!

THERMO STIM Advanced Thermogenic Formula – EXTREME FAT BURN!

Olimp presents THERMAL STIMULATION! - THERMOSTIM®! created using the newest scientific findings!
No lite! - only the best and most concentrated ingredients!

Do you workout intensely? Do you exercise until you can do no more, but there's still no sign of muscles? You exercise hard, your body mass is growing, but are your muscles still flat, rounded and covered in fat? Time for a change! Reveal CARBON-hard, tight, and well-sculpted muscles! Achieve the look you've always dreamed of! Accelerate your metabolism, burn fat, and enjoy a greatly-defined body shape! Now there is an intense stimulation of lipolysis and thermogenesis thanks to a scientifically-developed formula THERMOSTIM®!

What is lipolysis?

It is the process of burning the fats that fill the fat cells. Thanks to hormones – mainly adrenaline and noradrenaline – through the beta-3 receptors in the fat cells membranes the body stimulates intense energetic processes. Fats are burned and chemical energy and thermal energy, which is necessary to maintain the stable temperature of the body, are released.

What is thermogenesis?

It is an entire set of metabolic processes that leads to maintaining the stable temperature of an organism. Simply put, thermogenesis is a side effect of the burning of high-energy substances that enables the heating of the body and the maintenance of its stable, proper temperature. This thermal energy can be produced through the burning of the compounds found in food or stored as spare fats in the case of caloric deficit.

Thermogenesis and fat burning?

There are numerous active compounds in food, and in the proper concentration they can stimulate the body to get rid of unnecessary fat. For years, scientists have been studying various substances isolated from popular types of food with regard to their potential capabilities for boosting the metabolism and limiting its fat reserves. Regardless of the caloric intake, these substances intensify lipid transformations – the release of fat from the fat cells and its burning with the release of thermal energy.

Thermogenic substances can act on three levels:
– they reduce appetite
– they induce and accelerate the release and burning of fat
- they stimulate thermogenesis
Do you have a problem with hypodermic fat tissue that hides your well-developed muscles? Burn it with the fires of thermogenesis! Thanks to the strong thermogenic substances contained in THERMOSTIM® you can greatly accelerate this process and take control over it. Enjoy wonderfully-defined muscles! Burn unnecessary fat! Lose kilograms!






 is a one-of-a-kind dietary supplement based on a scientifically-developed recipe, filled with the most well-known and well-researched active substances that greatly stimulate the thermogenesis process. This is the most comprehensive fat burner, whose synergistically acting ingredients stimulate metabolism, fat burning, and the release of thermal energy.




THERMOSTIM® is the only product available on the Polish market containing SINETROL® and THERMOCORE MTRX which are used as a result of scientific research!

Take a look at what is inside every capsule:






A unique, highly-concentrated plant extract, found in citrus fruits, containing the most valuable active substances that support fat burning.
Sinetrol® is a top-quality patented extract, carefully selected from oranges, grapefruit and citruses, whose weight-reducing effect was confirmed in a clinical trial. Sinetrol® contains as much as 90% active polyphenols that are responsible for its particular slimming properties. Sinetrol® contained in THERMOSTIM® is an exclusive substance that boosts the reduction of hypodermic fat and its effect was confirmed in a clinical trial*!
- as much as 90% active polyphenols
- 6-times faster lipolysis (thanks to the inhibition of the phosphodiesterase cAMP enzyme)
- certain results, slimming effect CONFIRMED IN A CLINICAL TRIAL!


*A double-blind clinical trial confirmed that SINETROL®:
Supports weight loss (-2.2 kg after 4 weeks and -5.2 kg after 12 weeks of supplementation with 1400mg of SINETROL® WS in comparison with the placebo group)



- Accelerates the loss of weight (-5.53% of fat tissue after 4 weeks and -15.6% after 12 weeks of supplementation with 1400 mg of SINETROL® WS in comparison with the placebo group




A unique matrix of the strongest thermogenesis activators, top-quality standardized ingredients selected so as to provide a comprehensive effect and optimal use of fats in metabolic processes. The highest concentration of active substances!

Capsaicin – is an extremely active substance coming from concentrated extracts of bitter orange and cayenne pepper. It stimulates the fat cells and causes them to reduce their size and accelerate the fat release rate
1,3,7-trimetyloksantyna (caffeine) and 3,7-dimetyloksantyna (theobromine) – methylxantines – active substances that greatly accelerate the metabolism, stimulate, and add energy; additionally, theobromine, which can naturally be found in cocoa, may improve the user’s mood
EGCG green tea catechins , polyphenols increasing the fat burning rate of the body, strong anti-oxidants and lipolysis activators, help remove energetic reserves from fat cells
Raspberry ketones – natural aromatic substances from raspberries, similar in structure to capsaicin and gingerols (active compounds found in ginger), which may cooperate to have a positive influence on fat reduction and induce related weight loss
ACG chlorogenic acids come from unroasted green coffee beans’ extract support the carbohydrate administration of the body. By reducing their absorption rate they may cause a significant decrease in appetite and therefore lead to weight loss
Bioperine® -black pepper extract containing as much as 95% piperine, heats up the body, accelerates thermogenesis, increases the absorption of other active substances of the preparation.

Additionally, THERMOSTIM® contains a complex of vitamins that are absolutely necessary in the process of obtaining energy from fats. Only the right amount of these vitamins in the body guarantees that the process of the reduction of hypodermic fat for energetic purposes will go smoothly. This is a great addition to the remaining active ingredients of the product.



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