Gimnastics Mattress Marbo MC-M004
Gimnastics Mattress Marbo MC-M004
Gimnastics Mattress Marbo MC-M004
Gimnastics Mattress Marbo MC-M004
Gimnastics Mattress Marbo MC-M004
Gimnastics Mattress Marbo MC-M004


  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 24-month manufacturer's warranty for individuals
  • Pay when you receive the goods
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 24-month manufacturer's warranty for individuals
  • Pay when you receive the goods

Gimnastics Mattress Marbo MC-M004

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Safety is what you deserve. Whether you train gymnastics, acrobatics or other disciplines that require excellent protection - you have made a good choice.

We would like to offer you the best gymnastics-training mattress, whose thickness and stiffness is a guarantee of safety for all exercisers.

The auction item is an excellent gymnastics mattress from Marbo-Sport. Let us tell you about all its features and advantages and convince you that this is the best choice you can make. We will prove that you will not find a more refined product at this price.

Applied solutions

Reinforced corners

What counts in a top quality mattress is its superior durability.

Specially for you, we have reinforced the corners of our mattresses to give you maximum exercise pleasure and serve you for many years. Thanks to them you can be sure that they will always maintain their original shape and rigidity.


Our mattresses are made only from the best quality material.

To manufacture mattresses we use a specially reinforced variety of plawil - this is a material coated with polyvinyl chloride (popular PVC), which provides a safe for the exerciser, extremely durable and resistant to tearing surface. This grade of material is used to make products that have to withstand the most extreme challenges - boxing bags, professional tents, mountaineering and rescue equipment.

Don't make the mistake of choosing a mattress made from cheap and flabby, skin-like material and don't fall for the "amazing deals" that use the cheapest tarp material. You cannot afford to compromise!


Consider that it's not really what's most important in a mattress that's visible to the eye.

We use excellent quality re-foamed foam with a stiffness equal to t90 in our mattresses. This is a material that provides both adequate rigidity and sensationally effective protection against painful falls.

See the difference between our product and competitive products. It turns out that with exactly the same dimensions, our mattress is even twice as heavy as the competitive product. Do you know what this is? That's right, the difference lies in filling them with the most ordinary, cheap foam.


We don't offer you a mattress for one season, but a product that will last for many years. This is guaranteed by the materials and production technologies we use.

To make our mattresses, we use the strongest variety of skaj, an abrasion- and tear-resistant professional material, used for products that have to withstand the most extreme challenges. We use the latest generation of Coats Epic core yarns, which combine the advantages of high breaking strength with versatility and excellent performance. The most precise sewing is guaranteed by brand Durkopp Adler machines used by us.

Combat Line

Marbo-Sport starts with absolutely new series of products, designed for real fighters. Whether you are just an amateur boxer, kickboxer, karate, judo, or maybe you stand on the biggest rings - you will always choose something for yourself from our offer. We offer you the highest quality boxing bags and excellent training mattresses, and in the near future much, much more.

Product Details

200 cm
120 cm
5 cm
Core Coats Epic
ZIP fastener
thickness 5 mm

About Marbo Sport


"We don't believe in coincidences, we believe in hard work" - say the owners of Marbo-Sport, who founded the company 30 years ago. Currently, it is the largest Polish manufacturer of classic sports sets for gyms and home. From the beginning, the company's goal was to help people improve their physical fitness without leaving home. The company quickly expanded its range with professional gym equipment and aids for competition preparations.

"This path led us to the point where we are today" - say representatives of the company. Bodybuilding has become not only the greatest passion but also an area in which Marbo successfully specializes. Manufactured equipment is characterized by strength, durability and impact resistance. The range includes products for home exercise, semi-professional and professional lines, as well as martial arts equipment.


Marbo Home series products are designed for beginner bodybuilding enthusiasts, starting their adventure with the gym. The equipment is thought out in such a way that it is as functional as possible and simple to assemble. The equipment is made of a durable 40x40mm profile, guaranteeing stability incomparable with Chinese benches from the corresponding price range. The aesthetics of workmanship is emphasized by elegant upholstery on a thick three-centimeter sponge and powder coating. Start the adventure today!
Class: H - Equipment intended for home use
Marbo Semi-Pro series is targeted at demanding home users who value comfort and confidence in exercising. The strong 50x50x2mm profile guarantees maximum structural strength, and the use of thick pressure knobs and excellent upholstery in two colors leave no doubt that we are dealing with the best quality equipment.
Give up compromises and enjoy the pleasure of exercising!
Class: S - Equipment intended for home use
The best thing that can happen to a real bodybuilder - Marbo Professional series.
The equipment in this line has a declaration of compliance with the PN-EN 957-4: 2007 standard and can be used in commercial and public gyms. Experience the pleasure of exercising on the best equipment on the market!
Class: P - Equipment intended for commercial use


The CE marking is a declaration by the product manufacturer that the product complies with the requirements of the European Commission directives applicable to it (read more here).

Product photos and videos are for illustrative purposes only. The parameters, colors, inscriptions, dimensions, sizes, functions, and / or any other properties of the original products may look different from reality due to their visual characteristics, so please refer to the product characteristics specified in the product descriptions. The visual material of the goods does not indicate the composition of the goods, therefore it is necessary to follow the information provided in the product description and specifications.

If you have any questions, we will be waiting for your call by phone +370 630 67777 or e-mail




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