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Swimming Pool INTEX Easy Set 366 x 76 cm

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Height (cm) : 76
Size (m) : 3.66
Capacity (l) : 5600
Colour: Blue
Frame: SUPER-TOUGH™ laminated sidewalls are triple strong – 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability
Filter pump (l/h) : 2006
Filter cartridge (type): Yes, A type
Ground cloth: No
Pool cover: No
Ladder: No
Package dimensions (cm): 40 x 29 x 58
Package weight (kg) : 15.5
Guarantee: 12 months
Manufacturer: Intex Inc., USA, China

INTEX metal frame or inflatable pools of the highest quality in Lithuania are becoming increasingly popular, taking up a large family pool market. 
INTEX U.S. company is a market leader in presenting innovative, high-quality inflatable and frame pools from modern materials. 
Pool frame is made of extremely durable three-ply PVC fabric:
Top layer: Embossed heavy gauge PVC
Middle layer: Super-strenght reinforced polyester mesh
Bottom layer: Embossed heavy gauge PVC

For constant water cleaning pool is filtered by an electric pump with the replaced filter cartridge. 
Inflatable swimming pools are quickly prepared for use, cost-effective. On sale without inflation pump.

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About Intex

Intex company for more than 40 years produces pools, water beds and SPA.

Their first product - beach ball, from then on Intex designed matresses, but their biggest success was outdoor pool (1997). Now pools are being sold in more than 100 countries.

Company's goal is to focus on comfort, safety and enjoyment. Also company is eco-friendly, because of reducing it's carbon percentage in products.

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