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One of the best selling SELECT models in Europe. Designed for speed and soft stitching. A great ball suitable for all game conditions. The FFPUS 1200 artificial leather is combined with a high-quality, high-quality stylus. The ball is extremely soft and accurate;

Use: Club matches and training
Material: FFPUS 1200 “shiny” - for speed and power
Qualities: A newly developed all-round ball with extra soft
touch and already one of our top sellers. Made of a strong and
durable TPU film with a lamination of TPE foam. A special constructed
underlining and a patented zero wing bladder give
the ball an extra lively bounce. The 32 hand-stitched panels
ensure a straight flight in the air.
Approval: SIZE 4

Ball manufacturing innovations and inventions are what SELECT SPORT is known for from year 1947.

Danish company produces 2,5 million balls every year and sells to more than 50 countries. Company's founder was one of the best Danish goalkeeper Eigil Nielsen who created first modern ball of that time. From then on SELECT is first in ball market with it's researches and new technologies. All SELECT products can be characterized by high Scandinavian quality, longevity and reliability.

1947 Eigil Nielsen creates first SELECT ball.
1951 Eigil Nielsen creates first ball in the world without outer seams.
1951 SELECT became official Danish football federation ball supplier.
1952 SELECT ball was official in Helsinki Olympic games. 
1957 SELECT became official Danish handball federation ball supplier. 
1962 SELECT creates first World's ball with 32 segments .
1965 First waterproof ball was created.
1974 SELECT presents first handmate synthetic leather ball.
1996 Collaborating with FIFA to fix international standarts for balls.
2005 Bacame official ball supplier for highest Spain handball league.
2005 Became official supplier for IHF international handball federation.
2007 Danish handball league has been playing with SELECT for 50 straight years.
2009 Danish football league has been playing with SELECT for 58 straight years.
2011 SELECT was official World handball championship ball.
from 2012 SELECT is official Lithuania National handball team ball.
from 2013 SELECT is official Lithuania and Latvia Futsal championships and national teams ball.

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