Mat Yate EVA Comfort 50, with Cover

Mat Yate EVA Comfort 50, with Cover

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When we were developing the new EVA COMPACT mat, we aimed to produce a user frinedly mat offering maximum comfort and insulation, and to minimize the risk of damage. The heavy - duty EVA materil is resilient and water - proof with excellent insulation properties. The wave structure of the material makes for comfort, low weight and easy packing. The double - purpose package protects the mat from humidity and dirt, and at the same time serves as aninflatable pillow. Wherver you go with EVA COMPAT mat, you are bound to sleep comfortably.

Product Details

0.35 kg
190 cm
50 cm
1.7 cm
With thermal insulation (foil) coating

About Yate

YATE was founded in 1991 and at first focused only on business activities in the field of sports, camping and outdoor. Since 1995, we have been dealing with the processing of polyethylene foam and we have gradually started to expand our offer with our own products. At first, they were simple products such as seats and floating boards. Gradually, we equipped the production with the necessary machines for cutting, cutting, milling, gluing, thermoforming and other material processing, so that we are currently able to satisfy almost all customer requirements. Thanks to new technologies, our production has begun to focus on industries other than sports, so we currently also produce for the automotive industry, packaging materials and other industries. In sports, we still focus mainly on outdoor and fitness, because there are the main assortment of foam pads (mats, yoga mats, exercise floors, etc.). Since 2014, we have also been intensively engaged in the development and production of archery targets that have been developed in our company - other than from polyethylene foam.


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