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Basketball Hoop SURE SHOT with net

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Flex Goal 70

Brake Away system, brakes at about 70 kg.

Flex Goal 70
Brake Away system, brakes at about 70 kg.
European hole pattern 110 x 90 mm.
Made of full steel rim ø18 mm.
Side collar made of 5 mm thick steel.
Powder coated. Complete with net (12 loops).
For playgrounds and gyms designed for
outdoor and indoor use.

Sure Shot

Company that started to manufacture sport equipment and 3 months after founding was collaborating with USA company sure shot that supplies plastic basketball boards and mobile street hockey goals. Sortly after that in 1996 company supplied Atlanta Olympic games with basketball boards. It was as one of the best company's achievements. After that company bought their suppliers USA company and continued to develop their Sure Shot brand.

Now Sure Shot is well known in Europe and all Around the World. From 2001 Sure Shot became official FIBA basketball. Company's products have ISO safety certificate 9001.

Now Sure Shot offers: basketball boards, hoops, stands ant nets.

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