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Triceps Bar inSPORTline OLYMPIC 86 cm OB-34

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Special Olympic Bar, chromed steel, 50 mm in diameter, suitable for exercisng your triceps, biceps and muscles in the upper half of your body.

Triceps Bar inSPORTline OLYMPIC 86 cm OB-34 is a high-quality bar made of chromed steel, suitable for exercising your triceps, biceps and the upper half of your body. The specially designed shape allows you to exercise different muscle groups separately. When you do behind-the-neck presses, you effectively exercise your triceps. The grips have anti-slip grooving that ensures a firm and steady hold on the barbell. The bar is suitable for weightlifting with Olympic weight plates (50 mm).

Technical description:

  • High-quality chromed steel
  • Anti-slip grooved grips for a firm and steady hold
  • Suitable for Olympic weight plates (50 mm)
  • Bar length: 86 cm
  • Grip width: 26 cm
  • Length of the loading part: 20 cm
  • Length of the grip part: 46 cm
  • Bar diameter: 50 mm
  • Safety collars not included

Velikostní tabulka

A (cm)

B (cm)

C (cm)

weight (kg)





9.78 kg
Weight limit (kg)
300 kg
Bar diameter
50 mm
Shaft length
86 cm
Length of the loading part
20 cm
How to secure
Slide-in sleeve

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