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Ball size 1-7 55-85cm

Top of the range FIVB Approved volleyball
Exclusive FLISTATEC technology
Revolutionary FLISTATEC Flight Stability Technology volleyball
FIVB Approved
Raised hexagonal design on the surface of the ball improves the air-current around the ball while in flight
New soft, thick microfibre layer which, when combined with the secure nylon wound layer and the uniquely designed hexagon surface layer, increases the grip and allows for firmer, more accurate overhand passing
Laminated PU leather construction with butyl bladder
Official size and weight


Founded in year 1958 USA, Molten is biggest ball manufacturing company in the world. 6 years after company was fuonded, their balls became official in 1964 Tokyo olympic games (Basketball, Volleyball, Football). Also this company supplied their balls to Los Angeles (1984), Seul (1988), Barcelona (1992), Atlanta (1996), Sydney (2000), Athens (2004), Beijing (2008) London (2012) and Ryo (2016) olympic games.

MOLTEN balls for more than 25 years is official FIBA balls. New 12 panels surface with Flat-Pebble, Dual-Cushion and Full-Flat technologies enables players to be better at passes, dribbling and shooting.





7 Size (Men)

74.9 ~ 78.0 cm

567 ~ 650g

0.49 - 0.63 bar

6 Size (Women)

72.4 ~ 73.7 cm

510 ~ 567g

0.49 - 0.63 bar

5 Size (Junior)

69.0 ~ 71.0 cm

470 ~ 500g

0.49 - 0.63 bar

3 Size (children)

56.0 ~ 58.0 cm

300 ~ 330g

0.49 - 0.63 bar

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